casual reminder that gravity falls brilliantly said “fuck you” to the whole “i’m the hero because i exposed how douchey your boyfriend is” cliche’

too often do tv shows and movies and the media in general portray dipper’s behavior in “boyz crazy” as appropriate and worthy of some sort of gratitude or “reward” (usually in the form of a kiss or a hug by the person they’re in love with) when really this behavior is actually kind of manipulative and shitty

dipper didn’t expose robbie’s secret for wendy’s sake—he did it for his own sake, because he wanted the couple broken up in order to increase his chances of wendy rebounding to him. he didn’t think about the fact that wendy would be heartbroken and hurt from finding out her boyfriend is a controlling fraud, and that she maybe wouldn’t want to immediately jump into someone else’s arms for comfort. yes, it’s wrong that robbie was manipulating wendy into staying with him, but dipper was being just as manipulative in trying to “rescue” her, because his motives were selfish, insensitive, and careless.

i congratulate gravity falls for trying to teach kids that dipper is no hero here, that ruining a relationship for the sole purpose of wanting someone to use you as a shoulder to cry on, while having absolutely no consideration for the person’s feelings as a result of your meddling, is still not okay.

[Posted January 2nd, 2014 at 1:42 AM]
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