I really wanted to .gif this moment because although it’s short and relatively minor, I just fell in love with it. Mordecai is Rigby’s best friend and is the first one by his side when he’s about to be put in an ambulance, but as soon as Eileen comes running up to Rigby, Mordecai immediately backs off, as if saying, “Alright, I’ll get to see him later, right now I’ll just let my bro be with his girl.”

Even though Rigby & Eileen aren’t officially “dating” and it’s still a bit unclear as to whether or not Rigby really has returned Eileen’s feelings, I like to think that after two seasons, Mordecai genuinely does think Rigby & Eileen would make a cute couple (in contrast to Eileen’s first speaking role episode “Do Me a Solid”, where Mordecai said this in a mocking tone and only wanted Rigby to go out with Eileen so he could double-date with Margaret). There’s so much development that’s been made with Eileen’s relationship with everyone, not just Rigby, and I think it’s really touching. 

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    CARtooooon?! HAVE M-M-MEeeAning?! And….DVELOP-Ment?!NO……..NO!!! JUST FIR LAUGHS! Nooooooooo character DEvelopMENT!...
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    Truly, Eileen is the “Dipper” of Regular Show. She’s awesome but kinda ignored by the others.I do like how Regular Show...
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