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"A new study shows that men are threatened by confident women taking pictures of themselves, and call these women stupid, socially inept, and ugly. In other news, the world is round, the sky is blue, and the patriarchy is still shitty."


The Ocarina of Time themed update for Hyrule Warriors



So the general consensus is that everyone thinks Ep 4 of TWDG sucks because people died.

It’s almost like they forgot this was The Walking Dead.

And no, that’s not a spoiler. Saying someone dies in The Walking Dead is like saying something explodes in a Michael Bay movie. It’s going to happen, it’s going to happen a lot, and a lot of them will make no real sense.

people didnt hate it because characters died, they hated it because the deaths were poorly written. if people hated it because characters died, s1e3 and s1e5 (the two eps with the most prominent death scenes) would get all sorts of shit thrown at them but they dont because all the deaths in s1 at least had a purpose. unlike s2 ??

like, being able to chose to chop off saritas hand in ep3 had no effect on ep4 because she died either way (in a rather lackluster way lbr) in addition to it being telltale killing off yet another female character to further kenny’s development (which honestly should have been finished in s1 considering by this point theyre just re-hashing old plot points with him.) 
people are mad about nick’s death because in this ep and ep3 it felt like telltale had no idea how to deal with his determinant status so they just threw him off to the side and never had him do anything important, then killed him offscreen with his only line of dialog being like. a grunt when he got shot. compare that to ben in ep4-ep5, who, if you save him, at least gets to stand up to kenny and get a decent closure to his storyline. 
people are mad about sarah’s death because they gave you the illusion of choice. “oh you wanted to save her? too bad, she dies no matter what.” which is bullshit because it means both her and carlos died for jane’s development who, is not only an ableist character (literally having like the same belief system as crawford,) but is basically a downgraded copy of molly from s1 (in addition to her literally leaving in the same episode she was developed in….) all of the choices you made for sarah (ex. teaching her to use a gun) had no pay-off and. honestly kinda made the whole season feel pointless?
people are mad about rebecca because the “death by pregnancy” thing has been done before. in like, every zombie story. it was predictable and we didnt need to see it done again (it honeslty wouldve been more surprising if she survived the episode,) especially since it reduced her character to baby-maker and nothing beyond that. plus the way she died didnt make sense; if the entire point of leaving was to keep her safe, how the fuck did they not notice she was dying right behind them? also compared to the resurrection time of other characters that have died in the past, hers made little sense since it was literally like?? “oh woop she’s a zombie now. it happened really suddenly and you probably should’ve seen more blatant signs of her dying earlier but whatever just accept it.”

and the fact that kenny and luke lived longer than characters who had so much more potential (that were all killed off in one episode) is just salt in the wound rlly.

like, reducing criticisms to just “well ur just mad because people died” is kinda :////


friendly reminder that you do not have to kill off every character in a show/book/movie/video game in order to make the plotline more moving and emotional


"we’re- we- we are gunna go on an adv-GUUAhhh-enture, Morty" 





People acting like Medic is some suave silver fox when in reality






In addition, look at his conga and tell me he’s not a mega dork/nerd:


Nerdlord 9000

Anonymous asked: Speaking of Nick's death, I found it peculiar that the characters' (namely Luke's) reactions to his death in Episode 4 were much stronger than if Nick dies in Episode 2 (which basically had no reactions or even acknowledgements). I just find it odd how now suddenly Nick matters lol

 i’ve been thinking about that a lot, actually

my only explanation for why that might be is that maybe telltale figured those who kept nick around until episode 4 cared about him enough to warrant a death with more impact???

like, maybe they thought that those who got nick killed in episode 2 (and didn’t bother going back to redo the conversation with walter to make sure nick lives) didn’t really care all that much about nick therefore telltale treated his death as such???

whereas if you kept nick alive, that probably meant you were attached to his character, therefore they treated his eventual death with much more emotion than if you had him killed in episode 2

though honestly, that’s not saying much. you literally just happen upon nick as a walker and that’s that

i mean, it’s not like i didn’t know he was going to die; determinant characters always either die or disappear forever, so i knew he was gonna bite it at some point. i just wish it played out differently. 


remember when nick had so much development in episode 1 and 2

remember when there was the whole ‘is he a danger or will he redeem himself’ character arc

remember when he had only a few lines in episode 3

remember when he had none in episode 4

and they pushed the whole ‘is he a danger’ arc onto kenny instead

good writing, telltale.

telltale “we give the people what they want” games

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